WTT Adult Program
Whether you're a full-time player, a complete beginner, or if you're looking to get back into playing, WTT provides superior instruction for adults of all ages and levels.
The philosophy of Winning Touch Tennis Adult Instruction revolves around stroke mechanics and strategy with a major focus on match play scenarios. 
Goal: Show players of ALL LEVELS and AGES success while having fun with our Lesson Progression Program

The Lesson Progression Program gives structure and meaning to the drill. Players will see and feel themselves getting better when focusing on progressions that revolve around stroke mechanics or strategy in the drill. 
The Lesson Progression Program is broken into three phases while participating in a drill:

Phase One: players warm-up from balls fed from the instructor (serial feeds) focusing on stroke mechanics and strategy of the drill
Phase Two: players play points out with balls fed by the instructor (live ball drill) focusing on stroke mechanics and strategy of the drill
Phase Three: players finish the drill playing doubles practicing the stroke mechanics and looking for the match play scenarios that the drill focused on

What we teach within the Lesson Progression Program:
Groundstrokes, approach shots, volleys, overheads, angles, serves, dropshots, topspin, slice, flat, bisecting angles, triangle targets, system 5, serve and volley, chip and charge, open stance, closed stance, return of serve, doubles and singles strategy, mental toughness, racquet and string choices, or, whatever else you may need 

All drills are 1.5 hours long, for fourteen or fifteen weeks depending on the time and day. 
Drill costs range from $525 for fifteen weeks to $560 for sixteen weeks (depending on the day drill is offered). 
Paying for a drill in full, guarantees players a spot for the session. (Cost breaks down to $35 per drill). 

NOTE: NO refunds OR prorating of drills for missed classes. 
If participants choose not to pay in full, the costs per drill becomes $40 and there is no guarantee for a spot from week to week.

If you're looking for PRIVATE LESSONS with one of our certified professionals, call the club at (609) 720-0500, or e-mail us at WTTPrinceton@gmail.com